SuraGel - The Breakthrough In Balanitis Therapy

How it works

Imagine a product that leaves nothing to chance and addresses every single therapeutic target of balanitis therapy.

SuraGel is the most convenient way to accomplish all 3 major goals of balanitis therapy:

  • 1. It provides fast relief from the pain by reducing the inflammation and keeping it away permanently
  • 2. It normalizes your penile physiology by reinforcing your glans' ability to defend itself naturally
  • 3. It provides long term protection to your penile tissue from more serious problems such as scarring and penile cancer

SuraGel achieves these 3 broad goals by addressing every single one of the 10 therapeutic targets of balanitis relief.

SuraGel's 10 Point Therapeutic Action:

SuraGel neutralizes all balanitis triggers

The SuraGel formula includes ingredients that counteract biological, chemical and physical triggers of balanitis. By neutralizing all 3 types of triggers you are able to directly target the underlying cause of your inflammation (no matter what the dominant trigger). This ensures that you don't miss any potential irritants and leave no doorway open for the inflammation to find its way back.

  • 1. Eliminates harmful microbes - Among the 11 therapeutic ingredients in the SuraGel formula 4 are primarily dedicated to clearing harmful pathogens from your glans tissue. These include natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds that go to work the moment you apply the gel to your affected tissue.

    The benefit: Unlike competing products, the anti-fungal ingredients found in SuraGel are mild enough to eliminate yeast cells without causing any glans irritation. The anti-bacterial ingredients are chosen to help target different types of harmful bacteria without creating an imbalance in your penile flora. The anti-viral compounds help target viruses by limiting their ability to multiply. By combining all 3 types of anti-microbial substances, you are able to target harmful microbes on all fronts without risking opportunistic infections that typically result from applying anti-fungal or anti-bacterial creams alone.

  • 2. Blocks chemical irritants - SuraGel counteracts the effects of chemical irritants in three ways. First, the pH of the gel helps offset the alkalinizing effects of typical chemical irritants. Second, by re-establishing protective fluid barriers, you are able to prevent irritants from coming into direct contact with yours glans surface. Finally, Suragel also interrupts the damaging effects of existing irritants by providing soothing anti-inflammatory substances exactly where they are needed.

    The benefit: SuraGel can be used to either calm glans irritation after your penile tissue has been exposed to harsh substances or it can be used as a protective agent to constantly shield you from chemical irritants.

  • 3. Guards against physical injury - SuraGel includes several oils that mimic the natural protective fluid barrier over your glans surface. This barrier effectively guards your penile tissue from abrasions and friction. Additional anti-inflammatory compounds help ensure that incase your penile tissue experiences any physical agitation, it will not break out into an all-out flare-up.

    The benefit: Unlike competing products that coat the glans surface with thicker oils, creating hygiene issues, the SuraGel formula goes on extremely thin while still allowing your glans to perform its protective functions against harmful pathogens.

Suragel reinforces the 4 defense barriers

The SuraGel formula includes specialized ingredients that help fortify every single defense barrier of your glans to rescue its normal function. Within a short time, your penile physiology is returned to an optimal state where it can effectively defend itself against balanitis.

  • 4. Reestablishes the moisture barrier - SuraGel includes emollients that are very similar to natural oil secretions on your glans surface. These substances maintain an ideal level of moisture on your penile surface without leaving Cenforce 200 any sticky residue.

    The benefit: Moisturizing penile tissue is very different from moisturizing normal skin. The moisturizing ingredients in SuraGel were carefully selected to mimic your natural secretions - something most balanitis creams ignore. This careful attention to detail goes a long way towards revitalizing your penile tissue and ensuring that it heals properly.

  • 5. Resumes normal glans pH - Besides each individual ingredient having a specific beneficial effect, the SuraGel formula as a whole has also been fine tuned to complement your penile physiology. The pH of the gel has been carefully adjusted to ensure that the acidity level of your glans is within tight control.

    The benefit: Unlike typical balanitis creams that have pH disrupting alkaline properties, SuraGel reestablishes the protective acid mantle layer of your glans. By reviving this barrier, your penile tissue is better able to clear harmful bacteria and counteract chemical irritants on its own.

  • 6. Supports healthy penile flora- SuraGel includes a probiotic ingredient that reintroduces healthy bacteria to your glans surface. This helps reinstate your natural immunity to harmful pathogens and ensures that you have a strong ongoing defense against biological triggers of balanitis.

    The benefit: Here is a perfect example of how SuraGel is unlike any competing product and how it is perfectly suited for balanitis sufferers. While other therapies may simply focus on eliminating bacterial causes of your balanitis, SuraGel goes one step further and repopulates your glans with the essential bacteria that are lost. As the healthy native bacteria begin to reestablish the flora barrier of your glans, your immune system gets a new line of defense that allows it to clear harmful pathogens much more easily than it would have otherwise.

  • 7. Boosts lysozyme levels - SuraGel includes lysozymes to help replenish this vital antibacterial protein that is a key part of your penile immune defense. The enzymatic activity of this ingredient is so remarkable that it constantly recycles itself as its continually weakens bacterial cell walls (of harmful bacteria) and kills them.

    The benefit: By reintroducing lysozyme to your glans surface, SuraGel restores the frontline of your penile defenses. This helps your glans tissue remain in an every-ready state to take on potential microbial threats and clear them Aurogra 100 even before they become an issue.

SuraGel prevents the balanitis cycle from progressing

Almost a third of the SuraGel formula is dedicated to effectively interrupting the balanitis cycle of damage and ensuring that not only does your flare-up subside quickly but that your remission is permanent and your recovery leaves you with healthy penile tissue.

  • 8. Keeps the inflammation away - SuraGel fights the main source of damage during balanitis (the inflammation) in a very unique way. First, it directly introduces multiple anti-inflammatory substances right at the site of the irritation. Second, it treats the underlying causes of your balanitis (triggers) that constantly fuel the inflammation. Finally, it raises the overall immunity of your glans. By targeting the inflammation from all three angles simultaneously, you are able to greatly limit injury to your penile tissue and permanently escape Vidalista 60 the balanitis cycle of damage.

    The benefit: The main difference in how SuraGel carries out this action lies in the ingredients that are responsible for reducing the inflammation. Unlike anti-inflammatory steroid creams, these natural compounds do not cause a thinning of your epidermis and neither do they affect your hormonal balance. Furthermore, the SuraGel formula uses liposomal technology to deliver these specialized substances deep within the inflamed tissue. This allows us to use gentler ingredients that provide their benefits without causing any harmful side effects.

  • 9. Prevents scarring - SuraGel includes several soothing agents that support optimal recovery of your glans tissue and prevent fibrogenesis - the process of scar formation. These soothing agents jump start your healing process by accelerating healthy cell regeneration.

    The benefit: SuraGel is the only balanitis product that goes beyond just protecting your glans tissue and offers wider protection for your urinary and reproductive system. By preventing the formation of scars, you significantly limit balanitis' ability to cause any lasting harm to your body.

  • 10. Neutralize free radicals - Finally, the SuraGel formula also includes natural antioxidants that help in neutralizing cancer causing free radicals on your glans surface. These ingredients lower Vidalista 20 the oxidative stress on your penile tissue from the inflammation and help prevent destructive changes to the DNA of your glans cells.

    The benefit: This is one of the most essential elements of balanitis therapy that is often overlooked by balanitis sufferers and treatment providers. Penile cancer is a condition that overwhelmingly affects balanitis sufferers more than the general population. By adding SuraGel to your daily penile care routine, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are actively lowering your risk of developing this devastating condition instead of leaving it all to chance.

All this with a single product. SuraGel is truly the most complete balanitis solution available today. It is the only product that is based on our most current scientific understanding of the balanitis damage process and penile physiology.

In short, it's big science in a small bottle.

Let's take a look at the remarkable ingredients behind this remarkable product.