Advanced Features Of SuraGel

Going beyond the ingredients

Even though SuraGel's formula is a major advancement over existing therapies, there are many other features that set it apart from any other balanitis product.

Here are 5 innovative ways SuraGel has further boosted the long term success rate of balanitis treatments:

oneThe unique way SuraGel overcomes the chronic nature of balanitis
In most cases, balanitis is a very stubborn condition that always manages to find its way back despite aggressive treatment attempts. SuraGel solves this problem using an ingenious approach. It's called redundancy.

Not only does the SuraGel formula address every single therapeutic target of balanitis, it does this intelligently. Many of the 11 ingredients in SuraGel address multiple targets at the same time. This redundancy ensures that each treatment goal is targeted by multiple ingredients acting from multiple angles. This is how you fight the resilient nature of balanitis effectively - by "hitting" each therapeutic target many times, from many angles, simultaneously.

twoInnovative bottle design helps eliminate the guess work

It may seem like a small thing but open jar containers and cream tubes are a poor packaging choice when it comes to balanitis. Open jar containers often create a hygiene issue where a single incidental contact with a contaminated finger (microbes, irritants, etc.) can contaminate the entire product. Now every time you apply the cream to your glans, you could be reintroducing irritants to the affected tissue.

SuraGel comes in an airless pump bottle with a narrow dispenser nozzle. This prevents contamination of the gel and ensures the product's integrity.

Cream tubes often pose a dosing issue where the user has to estimate the perfect amount that should be used each time. This may not be an issue when it comes to normal skin, however when it comes to your glans, you could very easily apply too much or too little product. Applying too much cream can create a new hygiene issue and applying too little can reduce the effectiveness of the product. The pump action of the SuraGel bottle ensures that you always get the exact amount of product with each use. This kind of innovative package design leaves nothing to chance and ensures that you are using the product just as recommended every time.

threeDeeper delivery of active compounds

One of the biggest issues with topical products is that their delivery into the epidermis is limited. Even though our glans lacks a tough layer of dead skin cells on its surface, balanitis creams often have a hard time penetrating into deeper layers to stop the inflammation and heal the injured tissue.

SuraGel overcomes this problem by utilizing liposomal technology. Liposomes are extremely small bubbles made from lecithin. They have the ability to encapsulate active ingredients and penetrate deep within our mucosal tissue where they can finally release their contents. This ability to deliver therapeutic compounds deep within the affected tissue ensures that injuries far below the surface are properly healed and that biological or chemical triggers no longer have a safe haven to continue their destruction.

fourHighest quality ingredients

Even though SuraGel includes more beneficial ingredients than any other balanitis product, the harsh truth is that an ingredient's presence on the label says nothing about its quality.

There are two major things that determine the overall effectiveness of an ingredient:

Its purity and its strength

Take for instance olive oil - an ingredient found in SuraGel. There are several grades of olive oil that we could choose from. From the extremely cheap and low quality to the cold pressed, extra virgin variety that is rich in polyphenols. The same goes for the other ingredients. The best Emu Oil costs almost 4 times the common variety and there have been many instances of regular honey being mislabeled and sold as Manuka honey.

In short, with 11 ingredients we had 11 big choices. Source cheap ingredients that lower the cost of the product or source the best quality ingredients that provides the biggest health benefit.

Simply put, our choice was: Make it cheap or make it effective. We chose to make it effective.

In addition to consistently sourcing the highest quality ingredients, we thoroughly verify their strength and purity.

  • SuraGel uses non GMO and Certified Organic ingredients
  • Our formula does not contain any dyes, fragrances or harsh additives
  • All ingredients are independently lab tested to verify their potency and purity
  • Each batch of the finished product is independently lab tested to ensure product integrity

The SuraGel formula gives you the purest ingredients in their most potent form to ensure maximum effectiveness. It's the end result of accepting nothing but the best.

fiveGoing beyond short term relief
The common approach to treating balanitis is to ease the painful symptoms and maybe clear any underlying infections. This may seem like a wholesome way to resolve your condition, however this approach is based on the belief that your balanitis is nothing more than a sum of your symptoms. This treatment approach may resolve your current flare-up but studies have shown it will not prevent your future relapses or reduce your risk of developing serious secondary conditions.
Now instead of looking at balanitis as a series of individual, unrelated flare-ups, take a step back and see it as a chronic condition with a pattern of flare-ups all related to each other. You have periods of outbreaks, followed by periods of remissions. Each flare-up repeatedly weakening and damaging your penile tissue.
Based on this wider perspective you begin to get a much different and accurate view of balanitis. It soon becomes evident why common treatments fail so often.
  • A narrow treatment approach does not aim to rebuild your weakened penile defenses
  • It does not address your next flare-up during times of remission
  • It does not aim to heal damaged tissue after the flare-up has subsided
  • It ignores your increased risk for more serious seconday conditions

SuraGel is the first product that treats your balanitis from a wider perspective and incorporates broader goals that ensure your healing is complete:

  • It actively prevents future relapses - The SuraGel formula doesn't simply provide your glans with substances that ease your current flare-up, it also strengthens your penile tissue's ability to defend itself from the next attack. For example, where a narrow approach would simply eliminate harmful bacteria, SuraGel goes one step further and reintroduces beneficial bacteria to your glans surface for ongoing protection.
  • It reverses existing tissue damage - Imagine a flare-up that has injured your penile tissue. You now have a small window of opportunity to heal the injury and prevent scar formation. A narrow treatment approach would have ignored this vital component of treatment and left you with tissue damage that would have lasted a lifetime. SuraGel has multiple ingredients devoted to preventing this specific issue. Not only does the SuraGel formula accelerate healthy cell regeneration in your inflamed tissue, it also addresses existing injuries by jump starting the healing process and reversing the damage.
  • It provides protection from more serious secondary conditions - If balanitis was simply evaluated based on its biggest threat, this would be the primary concern for all patients. Balanitis and many other secondary conditions have a very intimate relationship because the damage process of one directly leads to the other. Ignoring this major concern would be the equivalent of leaving your fate to chance. SuraGel is a unique balanitis product that addresses this issue head-on by actively fighting these damaging processes in your penile tissue. Each time you apply the gel, you are providing your vulnerable glans tissue with a healthy dose of antioxidants that neutralize damaging free-radicals. Where a typical balanitis sufferer might ignore their risk until they develop a more serious problem, a SuraGel sufferer will have the peace of mind knowing that they are actively fighting this potential threat each time they use the product.

These are just a few examples of how innovative thinking can lead to remarkable results. SuraGel both provides you with the relief you need now and the protection you will need into the future.

Take a look at how a company that focuses on just one product and devotes itself to just one goal can achieve incredible results against all odds. We welcome you to the SuraGel story, where a small group of researchers transformed how we look at and treat balanitis.