About Us

When science meets compassion, good things happen.

Making a difference by being different

We aren't your typical pharmaceutical firm with a business minded CEO at the helm ordering his team to develop the most marketable products. SuraGel is run by the very researchers that were deeply involved in developing the product that bears our name.

Our researchers spend as much time talking to balanitis patients as they do in their labs. Our board meetings involve discussions on new clinical findings rather than endlessly planning growth strategies. This unique structure has allowed us to stay true to our core reasons for becoming researchers in the first place and has helped ensure that we never have to compromise our integrity for the sake of economic gain. Most importantly, this way of operating constantly reminds us who we are really working for - the balanitis sufferer.

Why balanitis?

As unusual as our setup is, nothing raises more eyebrows than our particular field of pursuit - balanitis. To many it seems like an odd corner of the medical industry to focus our efforts in. After all, balanitis is considered as nothing more than a nuisance that can be resolved using products that already exist.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

When we first began to survey the balanitis market, what we found was a landscape in utter disarray.

  • There was not enough reliable information on balanitis online
  • The information that was available was either too generic or misleading
  • Balanitis patients were utilizing approaches that often lead to treatment failure
  • The treatments being offered as balanitis solutions were ineffective

Balanitis patients were suffering unnecessarily from prolonged pain, all because of a lack of good information and a good product. We knew this problem was not being treated with the seriousness it deserved either by doctors or by pharmaceutical firms.

However, the turning point for us came when we spoke to patients whose lives had been devastated by balanitis. These were people who had to undergo repeated surgeries for things like urethral stenosis, cases where unremitting flare-ups caused severe depression and patients that had penectomies done to treat their penile cancers.

We saw the true danger of balanitis and how patients were left with very limited options all because the industry considered it as nothing more than a "nuisance". We knew there was a dire need for a better balanitis solution and we knew what our endeavor over the next few years was going to be.

Big ideas. Bigger goals.

As part of our aim to create the perfect balanitis solution, we wanted to go beyond the traditional goal of launching a slightly better balanitis product than the competition:

  • We wanted to educate the consumer
  • We wanted to share our findings with health practitioners
  • We wanted to set a higher bar for treatment providers
  • We wanted to provide patients with relief that was fast and long lasting
  • We want to help patients prevent serious health issues related to balanitis

If we could help one person break out of the chronic cycle of balanitis pain and damage or if we could help prevent a single diagnosis of penile cancer, we would consider our endeavor successful. Our goal was the betterment of lives, one balanitis sufferer at a time.

Creating the road map for a cure

What started with a small team of researchers poring over clinical studies on balanitis, soon grew in scope and began involving experts in various specialties. Our research involved us going beyond our own expertise and relying on other key sources of knowledge.

  • This meant consulting urologists, dermatologists, histologists and pathologists
  • This meant extensively consulting balanitis patients themselves
  • It meant understanding penile physiology better than anyone in our industry
  • It meant delving deep into the balanitis process of damage and identifying all factors involved
  • It meant reviewing scientific literature on therapeutic substances specifically with balanitis in mind

What we had at the end was an industry defining moment - the 10 therapeutic targets of balanitis. No other team had ever formally laid out a treatment plan that ensured an immediate and prolonged recovery for the balanitis patient. By clearly defining the 10 therapeutic targets of balanitis, the industry now had a plan of action to develop products that were perfectly suited for treating this vicious condition. We shared this information publicly to bring organized form to the balanitis landscape and to help give the sufferers a way to evaluate products.

A product is born

Simply discovering the 10 therapeutic targets of balanitis was only half the battle. Our next biggest challenge was to find natural compounds that helped achieve those goals without interfering with the patient's normal penile physiology - a much harder task than it seems.

Our research had revealed how sensitive the glans tissue is to foreign substances no matter how beneficial their effect on normal skin. This sensitivity of the glans is even worse in balanitis patients, which made the task of identifying beneficial compounds even harder.

In essence, we had five major hurdles to formulating our product:

  • Any new compound that was identified as a potential ingredient in our formula had to have clinical validation for its therapeutic effect
  • These compounds had to work in conjunction with the balanitis sufferer's penile physiology
  • The formula had to address all 10 therapeutic targets to avoid leaving any door open for the balanitis to return
  • These compounds had to have overlapping benefits that addressed more than one therapeutic target for the sake of redundancy
  • The formula as a whole would have to be side-effect free, even with long term use

After 3 years of effort that involved over 70 researchers, in-depth reviews of over 350 clinical studies and thousands of patient interviews, we had our new formula - a proprietary combination of 11 remarkable ingredients that relieved balanitis, kept it away and provided continued protection to the patient's health in the long term.

We simply called it SuraGel.

Over-delivering on quality

Two products can have the same formula and still have varying degrees of effectiveness. That's because a perfect formula on paper doesn't always translate to a perfect product in the bottle. An ingredient is only as good as its source and at SuraGel we weren't about to depart from the philosophy that got us to this point.

  • We sourced geo-authentic herbs from farms that practiced Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
  • We ensured that these raw herbs were processed at PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention) facilities.
  • We chose non-GMO, organic ingredients that were processed in accordance with strict GMP standards
  • All raw materials were then tested by independent labs for their purity and potency
  • Each batch of the finished product was also tested to ensure product integrity

We chose the best ingredients and ensured they contained all the active compounds necessary for their therapeutic effect. In short, we maintained quality from seed to shelf.

Providing convenience and confidence

Now that we had developed the perfect balanitis product, it was time to partner it with the perfect deal. One major benefit of constantly communicating with balanitis sufferer's was that we could relate to how painful the condition really is. The last thing any balanitis sufferer wants is to wait for the relief or even worse, spend money on a product you aren't sure about.

We knew our product worked but the customer didn't. This meant educating the consumer, one balanitis sufferer at a time and allowing them to make an informed decision.

To help the customer make their purchase with confidence we decided to go beyond the industry norms and create an offer that our customers deserve:

Most importantly, by forgoing the traditional route of spending millions on marketing budgets, we are able to make this remarkable product affordable to every balanitis sufferer.

For just $27, you are able to try the most effective balanitis product ever made at absolutely no risk. We consider this as great of a win for us as it is for the customer.

We urge you to put our product and our staff to the test. What you'll find is a company that is passionate about what it does and goes beyond the call of duty to help people find relief. It is our calling and we would love for you to be a part of our story - a part of our simple belief:

When science meets compassion, good things happen.