SuraGel Ingredients

11 clinically proven compounds at work

Research has shown that no single ingredient has the ability to cure balanitis on its own and keep it away long term. To ensure your condition is permanently reversed, you need to take a broad, multi-pronged approach that addresses all 10 therapeutic targets of balanitis.

That is exactly what the SuraGel formula is designed to do and here are the ingredients that make it all possible:

Aloe vera gel

This ingredient is rich in phytochemicals that are both soothing to irritated tissue and help speed the healing process of your glans. Aloe vera contains polyphenols which make it an effective antioxidant. Studies have confirmed aloe vera's role as an antibacterial and as an anti-inflammatory agent. Most importantly, it has shown to be particularly effective on mucosal tissue injuries, something that makes it perfectly suited for balanitis relief.

This ingredient addresses the following therapeutic targets

1, 8, 9 and 10

Oregano oil

This remarkable ingredient has dual antimicrobial and antioxidant effects. As an antimicrobial, it has the ability to help your penile tissue clear viruses, fungal infections and a wide variety of harmful bacteria. Its antioxidant properties neutralize free radicals, providing you protection that every balanitis sufferer needs. Oregano oil has antimutagenic properties that prevents damage to your cellular DNA from these free-radicals produced during balanitis.

This ingredient addresses the following therapeutic targets

1 and 10


Provides instant relief from the pain and irritation during flare-ups. This is a well studied and safe substance for easing pain on mucosal surfaces such as the glans. It acts as a gentle numbing agent that quickly calms irritated nerves on your glans. While this analgesic effect is helpful for finding symptomatic relief, it also prevents the urge to scratch or touch the irritated glans surface. This helps prevent further irritation and allows your penile tissue to heal properly, without forming scars.

This ingredient addresses the following therapeutic targets


Emu oil

Helps lower tissue inflammation and provides ongoing protection to your glans surface. While the SuraGel formula has many other anti-inflammatory substances, this particular ingredient is known to ease deep tissue injuries that go beyond the surface. It helps glans erosions contract and heal faster. Active compounds in emu oil quickly decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines on contact and can provide your glans with continued protection by keeping the inflammation away long term.

This ingredient addresses the following therapeutic targets

1 and 10

Jojoba oil

This ingredient is very similar in consistency to sebum - the natural moisturizing substance secreted by your glans. It acts as a natural emollient that prevents glans dryness and irritation, which is common during balanitis. Its anti-bacterial and fungicidal activity also contribute to its role as a natural preservative in SuraGel, eliminating the need to add artificial additives.

This ingredient addresses the following therapeutic targets

1, 2 and 4

Apple cider vinegar

Helps treat fungal infections and normalizes the pH of your glans. This ingredient is very effective at clearing candida, a common cause of male yeast infections, that often spurs balanitis. In addition, its slightly acidic pH makes it an excellent choice to re-adjust the pH of your glans. Doing this can also help you neutralize the alkalinizing effects of chemical triggers of balanitis often found in consumer products. Rest assured, unlike normal rancid-smelling apple cider vinegar, this ingredient in SuraGel has been specially prepared to be odor-free.

This ingredient addresses the following therapeutic targets

2 and 5

Coconut oil

Creates a natural barrier that physically shields your glans from irritants. As the balanitis cycle of damage continues to weaken your penile defense mechanisms, your glans becomes extremely vulnerable to all types of triggers. Coconut oil helps form a protective coat over your glans that blocks balanitis triggers on the outside and allows other SuraGel ingredients to heal your damaged tissue on the inside. Studies have even confirmed its ability to treat xerosis, a condition that causes dryness, itchyness and scalyness of the skin commonly found during balanitis.

This ingredient addresses the following therapeutic targets

2, 3, 4 and 9

Olive oil

Strengthens the shielding function of coconut oil and prevents inflammatory damage to the glans tissue underneath. While olive oil helps maintain a physical barrier against balanitis irritants, antioxidant phenols found in it help reduce oxidative stress on your inflamed tissue. This goes a long way towards promoting proper healing of your glans and providing antioxidant protection to your penile tissue.

This ingredient addresses the following therapeutic targets

2, 3, 4, 9 and 10


This enzyme is key to your penile defenses. As balanitis depletes the moisture barrier of your glans, the lysozyme levels on the surface begin to drop. This decreases your immunity to certain types of bacteria and increases your chances of developing infections. SuraGel reintroduces this crucial protein to your penile surface and re-establishes your glans' ability to fight harmful pathogens.

This ingredient addresses the following therapeutic targets


Lactobacillus fermentum

This friendly bacteria helps revive your healthy penile flora. This probiotic is naturally found in our body and can help reestablish the flora barrier that often begins to weaken during balanitis. Its antimicrobial effect is especially helpful against superbug infections and is known to prevent antibiotic resistance. It's antioxidant effect has also shown to prevent neoplasms (tumors).

This ingredient addresses the following therapeutic targets

6 and 10

Manuka honey

Acts as a natural bandage that promotes proper healing of damaged tissue. This particular variety of honey comes from New Zealand and has such incredible wound healing properties that it received an approval in wound management from the US FDA. Manuka honey is thicker than normal honey and has much more potent antibacterial property. This makes it a perfect "liquid bandage" that helps keep penile ulcerations clean from debris, toxins and pathogens. Since proper tissue healing is essential for preventing scar formations, this ingredient offers a benefit unlike any other- it keeps the beneficial compounds in SuraGel close to the surface and prevents urine from constantly washing them away.

This ingredient addresses the following therapeutic targets

2, 3, 4 and 9

While each individual ingredient in SuraGel has remarkable therapeutic qualities on its own, the true significance of the complete formula lies in the fact that it balances the product's effectiveness with equal gentleness on your penile tissue. This powerful combination of 11 ingredients allows you to counter the damaging effects of balanitis in the most comprehensive way possible and at the same time, every ingredient has been carefully selected to work in harmony with your unique penile physiology.

What you finally get is a product that is both absolutely safe and exceptionally effective.