The Balanitis Relief Checklist

10 things you must do to find complete balanitis relief

If you suffer from balanitis, any treatment effort that you employ should accomplish 3 major goals:

  • 1. It should provide relief from the pain by reducing the inflammation and keeping it away
  • 2. It should normalize your penile physiology so that your glans can defend itself from future relapses
  • 3. It should provide long term protection from more serious problems such as penile cancer

Doing this will not only bring you relief in the fastest way possible, it will also prevent your balanitis from returning and most importantly prevent any existing damage (visible or hidden) from growing into a more serious health issue in the future.

To achieve these 3 broad goals you have to target 10 specific things that address every single aspect of balanitis damage. Consider them a checklist to evaluate any potential balanitis treatment.

Do all 10 things and your healing will be complete. Leave any single one out and your balanitis is likely to return and cause long term damage.

Let's look into each therapeutic target and see why it plays a crucial role in permanently curing your balanitis. In the next section we'll show you how you can accomplish each treatment goal effectively.

Neutralize all balanitis triggers

A trigger is anything that sets off inflammation in your glans by activating your immune system. One of the crucial elements of treating balanitis is to address all potential underlying causes that constantly fuel the inflammation.

  • 1. Eliminate harmful microbes - Remember, many cases of balanitis involve infections with different types of harmful pathogens. You should address all potential microbial causes (fungal, bacterial and viral) simultaneously. Simply focusing on one can cause a different type of microbe to become the dominant trigger for your balanitis.
  • 2. Block chemical irritants - These irritants can include harsh chemicals in soaps, body washes, body sprays and other consumer products that come into contact with our body. Keep in mind, these products don't have to be applied directly to your glans to cause irritation. Incidental contact becomes almost unavoidable as even the smallest amounts can be transferred from our clothing, sweat or hands. Blocking these irritants can be done by limiting their use and preventing your glans surface from reacting to them by neutralizing them chemically.
  • 3. Guard against physical injury - This type of injury does not have to be an outright bruise but rather an irritation caused by a physical surface or aggressive sexual behavior. One way to do this is to make lifestyle changes that ensures your glans is treated gently and its exposure to abrasive surfaces is limited (for ex. wearing looser fitting cotton undergarments). However, even more important is to ensure your penile tissue is healthy and able to withstand a certain amount of physical agitation without breaking out into an all-out flare-up.

Reinforce the 4 defense barriers

Our glans has 4 specific defense barriers that protect it from harm. When balanitis damage begins to take hold of your penile tissue, it sets off a domino effect causing these 4 barriers to collapse one-by-one. By reinforcing these barriers, you strengthen your glans' ability to defend itself naturally and prevent your balanitis from spiraling out of control.

  • 4. Reestablish the moisture barrier - By ensuring that your glans maintains optimal moisture levels, you prevent further irritation from physical irritants.
  • 5. Resume normal glans pH - Chemical irritants tend to alkalinize your glans tissue, which can in-turn cause harmful bacterial growth (leading to inflammation). By returning your glans to its normal (slightly acidic) pH, you ensure that these bacteria are kept away and so is your balanitis.
  • 6. Support healthy penile flora - One of the best ways to prevent harmful pathogens from infecting your penile tissue is to ensure that healthy bacteria are able to flourish on your glans. These bacteria compete with harmful strains for their energy source and even go to the extent of releasing compounds that kill harmful bacteria. Their symbiotic relationship is so closely tied with our glans that they even stimulate our immune system when necessary to help clear these damaging pathogens.
  • 7. Boost lysozyme levels - This remarkable enzyme is crucial for guarding our penile tissue. Since it is constantly recycled, a small amount of lysozyme goes a long way in killing harmful bacteria. However, balanitis flare-ups tend to limit the normal secretion of this enzyme onto the surface, opening the doorway for harmful bacteria to easily breed. This creates a tricky situation where the lysozyme secretion won't improve until the balanitis flare-up has subsided, however the flare-up won't subside until lysozyme clears away the harmful bacteria. In such cases, introducing lysozyme to your glans helps fortify your penile defenses and breaks the balanitis cycle of damage.

Prevent the balanitis cycle from progressing

The most damaging aspect of balanitis is that it creates a vicious cycle of damage where the trigger constantly weakens your penile defenses and the increased vulnerability of the glans allows the inflammation to cause even greater damage. The longer the cycle continues, the more you are at risk of developing serious conditions that can affect your urinary function, sexual function and prostate health. At its worst, this cycle of damage can even proceed to the extent of turning penile cells cancerous.

  • 8. Keep the inflammation away - While one of the main reasons why people apply anti-inflammatory substances to their glans is to relieve the discomfort, these substances play an even more important role in limiting the damage to your glans. However, this strategy only works when your treatment also involves neutralizing the triggers and reinforcing the defense barriers.
  • 9. Prevent scarring - The only thing more important than fighting balanitis damage is to allow your glans to heal completely. This means preventing scar tissue formation - one of the biggest threats of balanitis. Scarring causes permanent changes to healthy tissue, rendering it non-functional and it also has a tendency to grow with each balanitis flare-up. It is crucial to provide your glans with substances that accelerate your penile tissue's recovery and promote its ability to heal properly to maintain normal urinary and sexual function.
  • 10. Neutralize free radicals - No balanitis therapy should be considered complete unless it also addresses your increased risk of developing penile cancer. A series of balanitis flare-ups years earlier can set the stage for the development of cancer cells by causing changes to the DNA of your glans cells. This DNA damage happens when inflammation on your glans causes a higher production of free-radicals. By neutralizing them on a consistent basis, you provide your penile tissue with the crucial protection it needs to prevent this devastating disease.

This may seem like an extensive list but every single treatment goal mentioned here is necessary to overcome your balanitis completely and protect yourself from its long term effects. Even more important is to do all 10 things at the same time since they are all interdependent.

This creates two big issues for the balanitis sufferer:

How do you go about addressing each and every
one of these 10 things at the same time?


How do you find therapeutic substances that accomplish each
goal and that too without irritating your penile tissue?

The answer is a new product called SuraGel - the first clinically based natural gel that addresses every single one of the 10 therapeutic targets mentioned above at the same time.