Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect when you order SuraGel

We understand that you may still have questions about SuraGel. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked one's.

How do I apply the gel?

With our airless pump bottle, dispensing the exact amount of gel is very easy. Simply pump the nozzle once to get the perfect amount of gel onto your index finger and rub it lightly in a circular motion onto the affected tissue. The gel should form a thin layer over the irritated area, providing 6-12 hours of soothing relief and protection.

How many times do I need to apply it?

We recommend applying SuraGel twice a day until your symptoms have subsided and the irritation is visibly gone. After that, you can continue to apply the gel once a day to provide ongoing protection to your penile tissue from balanitis triggers and free-radical damage.

Will I feel any pain when applying the product?

SuraGel does not contain any irritants and should not cause any stinging or burning pain. If anything, the gentle numbing agent should help any existing discomfort subside within seconds.

Is SuraGel just for balanitis or can it be used for posthitis as well?

The glans and foreskin are physiologically identical and SuraGel is just as perfectly suited for posthitis as it is for balanitis. Simply remember to apply the gel on both sides of your foreskin to ensure the therapeutic compounds in SuraGel are able to heal your tissue from both sides.

How soon does the product arrive after the order is placed?

Most orders placed within the US arrive within 24 hours as long as the order was placed before 5 pm EST. International orders typically take 48-72 hours to arrive. Regardless of where you live, SuraGel offers free shipping to all customers.

How soon will I feel the relief?

SuraGel provides you with immediate relief within seconds of applying the product onto your irritated tissue. As your glans heals and your balanitis subsides, the relief becomes self-sustained and application of the gel will no longer be necessary to keep the pain away.

Can I take a shower after using the product?

Even though SuraGel has ingredients that prevent the product from washing away easily, we recommend that you use our product after showering to ensure that the active ingredients stay on the surface and are not diluted.

Do I need to abstain from sexual activity?

While none of the ingredients in SuraGel are harmful to your partner, they can be wiped away during intercourse. We recommend against unprotected sexual activity during flare-ups to accelerate your healing.

What if I have a tight foreskin (phimosis)?

SuraGel can be used during phimosis and can help reduce any inflammation that you may have. It is also a great product to use during your foreskin stretching exercises. It can help promote foreskin integrity by limiting inflammatory damage and allow you to expand your foreskin without experiencing discomfort. If your foreskin is too tight to allow the application of the gel, simply place the gel on a cotton bud (Q-tip) and insert it through the foreskin opening.

Can the product be used for children with balanitis?

Since SuraGel's use has not been studied in children, we do not currently recommend it for anyone below the age of 15.

What will the package mailed to me look like?

SuraGel maintains your privacy throughout the entire order process. Your package will arrive in a plain, brown bubble-packed box. SuraGel will not be mentioned anywhere on the box.

How long do I need to continue using the product?

We recommend using the product for at least 1 week after the inflammation has visibly subsided. This is to ensure that underlying injuries have had a chance to repair and that your penile defenses are further strengthened to prevent a balanitis relapse.

How secure is the order process?

At we take your privacy seriously. Our order form uses a 128 bit SSL certificate to secure all orders placed through our website. In addition, we never store your credit card details on our servers. The gateway ( that processes all our transactions, allows us to pull up orders using just the last 4 digits of your credit card, ensuring your billing details are never fully revealed to anyone.

Have more questions? Wonderful! Our staff is available 24 hours a day by phone, chat and email. Regardless of what method you choose, you'll always find a knowledgeable and friendly member of our staff eager to assist you.